TV for adults to watch for free and for free - operators and offers 📡 (2023)

Especially for the most sophisticated viewers, almost every operator providing TV services has special packages and (or) separate channels aimed at an adult audience. What kind of operators they are, what is included in their packages, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each will be described below.


  1. What are adult TV channels?
  2. Which digital TV operators can I watch adult channels?
  3. Rostelecom
  4. How to connect?
  5. Price
  6. How to watch on the phone?
  7. Adult television on Tricolor TV
  8. How to connect?
  9. Price
  10. How to watch on the phone?
  11. – adult television packages
  12. How to connect?
  13. Price
  14. How to watch on the phone?
  15. NTV-Plus
  16. Price
  17. How to watch on the phone?
  18. MTS TV
  19. How to connect?
  20. Price
  21. How to watch on the phone?

What are adult TV channels?

Let’s start with the fact that all channels with erotica are taken out of all standard packages into a separate one – this is done so that children do not accidentally find them. Therefore, you cannot watch erotic channels if there is no special package for free or paid. Also, the broadcasting itself on some channels is specific – they start broadcasting their programs, as an example, from 00:00 to 06:00. But this is rather an exception. And what is no exception is the absence of pornography directly. All films and programs are cut and censored, and some are specially filmed so that the genitals cannot be seen. Therefore, all broadcasting of 18+ packages can be called “erotic”.
TV for adults to watch for free and for free - operators and offers 📡 (1)

Which digital TV operators can I watch adult channels?

Almost all popular providers have adult sections in their broadcasting grid. Some have put them in a special category, depending on the names of the package.


This company has an “Adult” package, which includes 6 channels, with a 18+ theme. You cannot connect this package separately. To do this, the client must already have the following tariffs:


  • “Starting”;
  • “Optimal”;
  • “Advanced”;
  • “Maximum”.

If you have one of these tariffs, you can take an additional package “Adult”. Or, you can initially connect to the “Maximum” tariff, which includes all channels from the provider, including six erotic ones.

Connecting to the “Adult” plan provides one additional function – setting a PIN-code to any channel, not necessarily from this package. This protection helps keep children away from content that is inappropriate for them.

In order to enable child protection, you need to go to the settings, and then to the section “Parental Control”. Restrictions can be set by age (automatically setting a password for channels 3+, 6+, and so on). All new customers initially have 3+. Alternatively, you can put restrictions on specific channels. Here is a list of all adult channels available from Rostelecom:

  • Blue Hustler;TV for adults to watch for free and for free - operators and offers 📡 (2)
  • Brazzers TV Europe;
  • XXL;
  • O-la-la;
  • Russian night;TV for adults to watch for free and for free - operators and offers 📡 (3)

Also, as well as on other non-packet channels, there is the possibility of rewinding, pause and recording.

How to connect?

There are two ways how you can activate the “Adult” package from Rostelecom.

  1. This is to contact the operator by phone and ask to include the required package in the tariff plan.
  2. Go to the personal account of Rostelecom (if it is not there, then you can register) and already there “in one click” add this and other packages to your broadcasting network. You cannot purchase channels from this particular package separately .TV for adults to watch for free and for free - operators and offers 📡 (4)


There is no single price, since Rostelecom calculates the cost depending on the region. But, what is common for everyone – for each separately connected package you need to pay extra 200 rubles from above, for use. That is why it will be more profitable not to connect the necessary packages, but to use the “Maximum” tariff. There is no such fee.

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How to watch on the phone?

For mobile devices, including tablets, the TV viewing function is available. To do this, you need to: Download the Rostelecom Zabava application to your mobile device. The program is available for both iOS and Android.

  1. Launch it and go to the “Multiscreen” section.
  2. Enter data from your personal account.
  3. You can use it. All channels connected to the set-top box will be duplicated to the phone.

Adult television on Tricolor TV

At Tricolor, the package that includes erotic broadcasting is called “Night” This name does not quite correspond to reality, since the channels are broadcast around the clock. There are 9 of them in total and they can be connected to any of the available tariffs. You cannot connect them separately. Like Rostelecom, Tricolor provides the ability to set a code to protect children. You cannot set restrictions on individual channels, but you can set restrictions on age categories (3+, 6+, and so on).
TV for adults to watch for free and for free - operators and offers 📡 (5)Erotic channels included in the package:

  • “Mischievous”
  • “Temptation”
  • “Temptation HD”
  • “Night club”
  • “Russian night”
  • “Brazzers TV”
  • “O-la-la”
  • “Candyman”
  • “Candy”

How to connect?

In order to activate this package, you must:

  1. Go to the operator’s website and log into your account.
  2. To the section “Services”.
  3. And already there, choose the “Night” package.
  4. Next, “More” and “Connect”.
  5. After all, you need to enter the ip of the device and select a payment method.


The activation of new packages from Tricolor TV is free, however, you have to pay for using the package. The price per month is 200 rubles, and 1800 rubles per year.

How to watch on the phone?

Tricolor provides an opportunity to watch your programs on any device. But this can be done only through the website, in the “Subscribers” section. To find specifically channels for adults, in the search you need to enter “Encyclopedia of Pleasure”, and then confirm the age. – adult television packages

The channel package of this operator is called “Insomnia” There are 6 channels in total, out of 1 is the HD version of another channel. Compared to other providers, there is less variety here. But, like other providers, has child protection, which is a password for certain channels. But this service is not part of the package. It is connected and paid separately, at a rate of 50 rubles per month. This is a minus. Channels:

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  • Barely legal;
  • Brazzers Europe;
  • Frenchlover;
  • Hustler HD;
  • Private TV;
  • Oh-la-la.

All of them are available only with Insomnia and are not included in any tariff, which distinguishes this company from Tricolor, where 18+ channels were part of the most expensive tariff.
TV for adults to watch for free and for free - operators and offers 📡 (6)

How to connect?

It is very simple to connect these programs – for this you need:

  1. Go to the official website of the provider and log into your account.
  2. Select the section with services, “Insomnia” and connect.
  3. After that, the channels will be available on TV.


Payment is made monthly and is 230 rubles per month. Connection is free.

How to watch on the phone?

In order to always watch your favorite programs, has a special application “Dom ru Movix”. To use the application, you need:

  1. Download it. It is available for all operating systems.
  2. Log in to your personal account.
  3. And that’s all, after that you can watch any channels included in the user’s tariff.


The oldest TV operator has not deprived its users of programs for adults either. Their satellite TV package is called “Night” and includes only 5 channels. The operator has no child protection. Channels:

  • Blue Hustler.
  • Russian night.
  • Playboy TV.
  • Barely legal.
  • O-la-la.

TV for adults to watch for free and for free - operators and offers 📡 (7)How to connect adult television from NTV Plus? Also, like other packages, “Night” from NTV-Plus is connected through the provider’s personal account:

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  1. You need to enter your personal account using your data.
  2. Further, in the section “Channels and Tariffs” and among all find “Night”.
  3. Connect it and choose a payment method.


The money for using the tariff is withdrawn monthly. The price is only 169 rubles.

How to watch on the phone?

In order to watch television programs on mobile devices, NTV has had the NTV-Plus TV application since 2017. It is available on both Android and iOS. The principle of its operation is similar to others – the user logs into his account, and through it the transmissions are broadcast to the mobile device.


MTS, in addition to mobile communications, also provides satellite TV services, the list of channels of which includes erotica and porn. It is presented by the package “After midnight” (until 2014 “Adult”).
TV for adults to watch for free and for free - operators and offers 📡 (8)Broadcasting around the clock, and in addition to 9 channels with erotica, the package includes 2 channels with films and serials (aimed at the horror genre) and 1 music channel, which is no different from others. Channels:

  • Brazzers TV Europe.
  • Exxxotica HD.
  • Babes TV.
  • Blue Hustler.
  • Playboy TV.
  • Russian night.
  • O-la-la.
  • Silk.
  • Barely Legal.

How to connect?

The connection takes place through the MTS website, which unites all the services of the company. You can take either a separate package or by connecting the “Extended PLUS” tariff, which also includes “For adults”.


Payment is monthly and is 150 rubles. Among all operators, this is the most favorable condition.

How to watch on the phone?

To watch TV on mobile devices, there is an official MTS TV application. It works in conjunction with your account, therefore, for it to work, you just need to enter your personal account.

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